Project Description

Decorative Paper Bags

Paper bags are made to individual orders and according to customer designs.
The most commonly used material for decorative bags is chalk paper, striped or plain Krafft packaging paper with a weight of 100 – 250 g / m2, or decorative papers, colored in mass
Decorative bags can be refined by laminating with matt or glossy foil, they can also be varnished selectively with UV varnish, hot-gilded or embossed.
The print is made using the offset or digital method and can be done on the whole bag and inside. Paper bags have a reinforced bottom and top fold. 3, 5, 7 mm thick strings made of cotton or polypropylene are used for the handles and may have crimped ends. The color of the string is selected individually for each bag. The handles can also be made of grosgrain ribbons or satin ribbons of different widths.
Decorative bags are characterized by very high aesthetics and high quality.
They are recommended for high-quality goods, emphasizing their elegance and prestige.

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